Член на Европейския парламент

"Main challenges and trends in insolvency proceedings, restructuring and discharge of debt" conference materials

Daniel Fritz - Challenges for preventive restructurings of SMEs (presentation)

Diana Miteva - Making insolvency procedures more efficient (presentation)

Jason Kilborn - The personal side of harmonizing European insolvency law (publication)

Jean Baron - Regulation of IP in the EU (presentation)

Joern Weitzmann - Effectiveness and efficiency in insolvency (presentation)

Miodrag Dordevic - Collecting and processing insolvency data (presentation), Article 122 ZFPPIPP (additional information), Evaluation of the implementation of ZFPPIPP (additional information)

Nicolaes Tollenaar - Designing a balanced restructuring system  (presentation)

Neli Madanska - Предизвикателства пред държавите-членки на ЕС, които все още нямат традиции в предоставянето на втори шанс на лицата, изпаднали в несъстоятелност (speech in BG)

Olivier Jerusalmy - How should Member States regulate consumer discharges (presentation)

Piya Mukherjee - Early warning: The Danish example (presentation)

Emil Radev - Welcome Speech (speech in BG)

Stephen Portsmouth - Preventive restructuring procedures as effective tools to address the problem of NPLs (presentation)

Vanuhi Arakelyan - Challenges for Member States that do not have a preventive restructuring tradition (presentation)

Adrian Thery - Improving the chances of a plan being adopted while protecting creditors in cross-class cram-down plans (presentation)